A Slimmed Down Dana Jacobson

Reader BigU sent over this pic of Dana Jacobson. He says she’s slimmed down a bit thanks to her training for a recent 5K. Didn’t hear about that, but then again, I never thought Dana needed to slim down. She’s perfectly proportioned IMO.

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  • Worm

    Hey DJ, it’s July 1st, 2014 & you might want to wish your CBSSR listeners up north a Happy Canada Day.

  • Buzz

    DJ ought to check out a YouTube clip of the final Sign-Off of the “old” WWJ-TV(now WDIV)in Detroit in which at the 7:42 mark, a religious- themed PSA airs just before the announcer says “Good Night” followed by the playing of the National Anthem. Note: it’s the audio portion only. See if or she remembers who sponsored that religious-themed PSA.

  • Buzz

    I meant to include anyone.

  • 12th Man

    LeBron James is going back to Cleveland to play once again for the Cavs.