Boston Celtics Reporter Kristine Leahy

Apparently there are a lot of really attractive sports reporters in Boston ways, because Kristine Leahy is probably the third or fourth gal whose name someone has sent to me who regularly covers Boston sports. But she certainly fits the bill of a sports hottie, though, so I’m not complaining.

More about Kristine from her website:

Kristine is currently the in-arena and post-game website host for the Boston Celtics. She previously hosted’s daily sports show, The Five, and served as the site’s reporter for fans all over New England.

Sports were always a big part of Kristine’s life as a kid growing up in Chicago. When she wasn’t repeatedly asking her father to test her Bulls knowledge by quizzing her on the players, colleges, positions, and plays… “BJ Armstrong, guard, Iowa, Bill Cartwright, ‘man in the middle,’ San Francisco…” she was watching one brother play AAU basketball or traveling with the other to hockey tournaments.

Kristine is a graduate of Boston University where she earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism while hosting and producing the school’s only sports talk show, Offsides. She has also appeared on KCAL as the host of “Lakers Fan Cam.” Kristine’s television experience expands to CBS Patriots coverage, WFXT-TV in Boston, The Style Network and various commercial projects.

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  • adam

    Kristine is bangin hottt and is great she is also talking about Boston sports.. keep her around

  • Forbin

    Heard a rumor that Kristine posed as a BarstoolSports cover girl a few years ago? Can someone get El Presidente to reissue that!

  • Naz

    This girl is so overrated. why doesn’t anyone else realize this? never says anything worthwhile. at least these other sports chicks have brains.

  • Naes

    and of course looks fantasic on camera/in real life,in leather boots,etc……= HOT

  • Jeremy

    Hard to take seriously. Its like the pretty girl in college that cant mature and thinks too highly of herself while constantly being on display. A notch below the standout hotties.

  • steveareno

    She’s very pretty and sexy…Sadly (for us Bostonians), Kristine has left us for sunny LA…where I’m sure she’ll do great…good luck sweetheart