Boston’s Tina Cervasio

Boston�s Tina Cervasio

I don’t get up to Boston ways (or any of the East Coast ways, for that matter) so I don’t know about any of these East Coast local reporters, but it’s a good thing my readers do. Dennis sent over the name of Boston’s Tina Cervasio, who plies her trade for the New England Sports Network covering the Red Sox. By the way, why does saying her name make me thirsty? Hmm…

Bio and pictures of the lovely brunette below.

Via her official site:

At 11 years old, Tina Cervasio knew she wanted a career in sports. It started on a family trip to the Rose Bowl. Today, Cervasio is a Sports Broadcaster in one of the nation’s top markets, in a true ‘Dream Job’.

For 162 games of the 2006 Major League Baseball season, Cervasio will be covering the Boston Red Sox, as the New England Sports Network (NESN) Red Sox Field Reporter. NESN broadcasts 149 Red Sox games throughout New England . Tina will report live from the field for both the pre- and post-game shows and during the games.

Before heading to Beantown, Cervasio was a sports anchor and reporter on WCBS-TV , Ch. 2 in New York City . While working in the number one market, Tina covered all the local pro and college teams, including the funeral of Legendary Giants Owner, Wellington Mara.

‘Diversity’ and ‘global’ are the best words to describe Cervasio’s work over the last 10 years. The Olympic Games enabled Tina to travel the world as an Olympic broadcaster on Westwood One Radio. In 2006, Tina was the play-by-play announcer for Women’s Hockey and an Update Anchor at the Winter Games in Torino , Italy . At the 2004 Summer Games in Athens , Greece , Cervasio was the voice of Gymnastics, doing play-by-play for all the men’s and women’s competitions, also contributing as a studio analyst for the long format shows. Tina’s Olympic experience started back in 1998, when she worked as a production assistant for CBS at the Nagano Winter Games in Japan .

Tina graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA from the College of Journalism , where she worked for the Women’s Soccer Team as a team manager and sports information liaison.

Tina is married to her golf partner, Kevin McKearney, and she splits time between her home state New Jersey , and Boston when covering the Red Sox.

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  • Dennis

    Thanks for adding her to the site. I ,for one, think she derserves it. She’s ever hotter in person!

  • Dave

    Oh Hell naw. Tina has the most annoying voice ever, and she’s so annoying to watch, too. She does this thing where she’s always bobbing her head up and down and left and right and raising and dropping her eyebrows. She’s so very, very annoying and not cute at all.

  • Chris Allen

    Her mouth is so big, you can fit a banana in it sideways:):)

  • Jeremy

    Probably the uggliest hottie on this site. Just because its hip to be from Boston and NESN has had some hot chicks does not mean you can just add a random Boston reporter to this site. She needs to be removed or you need to change the name of this site. Although Ive seem some other chicks on this site where you could debate the hotness, this is the first one where there should be no debate. Please delete her.

  • yanksfan

    hahahahaha he said a banana in it sideways hahaha thats great!!!! i’ve seen her in person< you could stick a set of golf clubs in sideways!!

  • Kevin

    Tina’s mouth is wide but that’s the very thing that I love about her. If it weren’t for her mouth, I never would have noticed her.

  • Jason P. Lamoureux

    Tina is very pretty and you guys all sound like morons for making potshots at someone because of how they look. I am willing to bet you are probably overweight dorks and this is how you feel better about yourselves. I’ve met her in person as well. In addition to being a very nice, charming woman, she is very attractive and the comments on her mouth are so uncalled for. Have your own opinion, but don’t make fun of someone to prove it. Grow up.

  • Rudy

    JEremy: I think you need both your eyes and your attitude checked! You actually say that Tina is ugly?!! Come on, man! Get your eyes checked and get counseling for your attitude! Something is definitely wrong and it surely is not Tina!!!

  • Rudy

    In fact, all you jerks who dissed Tina need a reality check! She is gorgeous!