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Hannah Storm’s Legs Ask Great Questions

ESPN's Hannah Storm Leggy in Red

This is from 2010. I think she’s asking the bald dude about the Houston Texans’ chances of making the playoffs. I dunno, I couldn’t really pay attention to the questions, much less the answers. So … much … Hannah Storm … legs…

Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2012
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The Row Over Hannah Storm’s Go-go Boots and Plaid Skirt

You may have heard something about it. Godawful ESPN sports commentator Tony Kornheiser (quite possibly the worst Monday Night Football announcer since — well, ever?) made a crack about fellow ESPN personality Hannah Storm’s fashion sense on his radio. The ESPN folks heard it and didn’t like it, and dumped baldy for two weeks as punishment. But don’t worry, this is ESPN, and unless you’re shagging interns in the closet, “insensitive comments” are usually forgivable in a week or so.

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2010
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Hannah Storm

Sports Newscaster Hannah Storm

I used to see Hannah Storm manning the sports desk for NBC sport shows, and for a long while there, she did NBC’s NBA coverage for years. Now she’s moved on to CBS and their morning news shows and is basically no longer a sideline hottie. But hey, she used to be pretty hot (I especially like the incredibly airbrushed pic of her), and we can always remember when a hot chick named Hannah Storm used to do NBA games for us.

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Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2007
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