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Tracy Wolfson

CBS Sports Reporter Tracy Wolfson

Apparently network sideline newsbabe Tracy Wolfson isn’t very popular with tennis dorks (see the Wikipedia bio on her below), but who cares what tennis dorks think? These are the same people who can only “play” while everyone around them are silent. I mean, shit, baseball players hit a ball coming at them at 100 miles an hour while the world is screaming at them from 20 yards away, and these tennis pussies can’t hit a ball that they serve up into the air themselves? Give me a break. Anyhoo, Tracy Wolfson is pretty hot, and she was last spotted working the sidelines for CBS college football games.

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Posted on Saturday, November 11th, 2006
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Bonnie Bernstein

ABC and ESPN Football babe Bonnie Bernstein. She actually has a couple of fansites on the Internet, which is a first. Granted, is sorta a fansite, but I’ve never seen a whole site devoted to one person. I mean, Bonnie is a babe, but she’s not the babe caliber of, say, Melissa Stark or Erin Andrews.

Posted on Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
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Melissa Stark

ABC blonde cutie Melissa Stark went from working Monday Night Football and the Superbowl to doing anchor duty for MSNBC. So basically she went from being seen by half the world’s population to being seen by Fred and Jane in Iowa. Bummer.

Stats for Melissa via Wikipedia:

Posted on Saturday, September 16th, 2006
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