Comcast Sports’ Amy Fadool

Don’t know much about local talent Amy Fadool, except Hugh, who pointed us to her told us she was recently replaced by Kristen Berset at WBFF in Baltimore, and is now rocking the joint over at Philly via Comcast’s Sports Network. I didn’t even know Comcast had their own sports network. Go figure.

Her bio from Comcast Sports:

Amy Fadool comes to Philadelphia from WBFF in Baltimore, where she reported on the Ravens and Orioles. She also served as weekend anchor and was a sideline reporter for national Fox Sports broadcasts during Ravens games.

Fadool’s duties will include reporting on all of Philadelphia sports teams for SportsNite, as well as occasionally anchoring the newscast. She will also contribute to the network’s newly redesigned website,

Fadool is a 2004 graduate of the University of Kentucky where she majored in Broadcast Journalism. She started her broadcasting career as an intern at WKYT in Lexington, KY while still in college and worked her way up to full-time anchor/reporter after graduation. She also anchored the sports desk at Fox56′s news while at WKYT. After WKYT she spent two years at WZTV in Nashville, TN before making her way to WBFF in Baltimore.

Pic credits: phillafans, flickr

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  • christian

    Hey Amy. U r very beautiful!!!!

  • trey

    wheres her tits??

  • Todd

    Very pretty smile

  • willy peter

    whack, whack, stroke, stroke!

  • Sam

    Not that it matters, but where do you live that you weren’t aware Comcast had its own sports network? According to their web site, there’s one in the Bay Area, Chicago, New York, New England, etc. Pretty much everywhere

  • Bret

    More like Amy Make-Me-Drool.

  • MattMo

    Nice assets….but average cleavage. I’d still tap her a time or two from behind! ;)

  • Cheltz

    You people are awful. How do you think that makes her feel.
    She’s trying hard to make a career and all anybody talks about is her sexuality. I’m ashamed to be a male right now.

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  • phillyphan12

    If you use your assets to make a career, then expect the guys to be all over you. If she was ugly and 300 lbs, think she’d have landed the job?

  • sam

    Amy, I had loved that beautiful smile since the first time i saw you,you rock i hope to meet you some day,your beautiful rock on, sam

  • http://ravens24x7 Harry OSULLIVAN

    Hello Amy… just saw your pic on FB. We miss your outstanding Ravens Reporting here in Baltimore.
    Sorry about the Eagles loss todday. The Packers were just a bit better today.

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  • bill

    I think Amy is attractive, witty, has a good sports sense and would be great just to talk sports with..

  • wizzard

    I like Amy. Attractive, attentive, enthusiastic and handles unexpected questions in the studio OK. A start. Don’t know if she can stand on her feet in a mudhole, but worth finding out.

    comcast sportsnet should put her in situations to hone her confidence and reactions. But I never turn her off in the studio.

  • john hampton

    wow…Amy…you are a delightful addition to CSNPHILLY.COM
    very intelligent…know your sports and cheerful…
    a great smile and NO Ring on your fingers???
    where are all the guys at… they should be knocking
    down your doors…keep up the fantastic work !!!

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  • Jimmy

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  • Robert Petti

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