Doris Burke

Saw Doris Burke (bad name, hot woman) doing sideline reporting earlier today at the Texas Tech-UNLV basketball game. Who is she? “Doris Burke is a sideline reporter for ESPN college basketball games. She also an analyst for WNBA games on MSG, and has worked on New York Knicks games, becoming the first female to do so,” so says Wikipedia.

Here are a couple of big ones I found:

Doris Burke

Doris Burke

And a bunch of smaller ones that really doesn’t do her justice:

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  • Provex Sports

    Doris Burke is beautiful. I bet she is wild in the sack.

  • strongrobert

    The first comment in six years. I feel honored and special. But about Doris: She is fun and attractive and professional. Never feels like a piece of eye candy like the other sideline b@@@@es.

  • Jorgen_Henreksen

    I just saw Doris on stage interviewing the players after the Miami Championship victory. I think she’s cute. Hubbah Hubbah. And she asks good questions to the players. Doris is AWESOME, in my opinion. :-)

  • 12th Man

    If Kerry Sayers joined ESPN, perhaps Doris Burke ought to move to NBC Sports.

  • Jimaz

    I bet she has cow utter nipples on those volumptious breasts.