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First of all, Yes, I realize it’s been ages since I’ve updated the site, please stop emailing me. Now, let’s get to the business at hand: I’ve been seeing Michelle Beadle on ESPN a lot lately, mostly because the net is hyping up her new sports show SportsNation, which she co-hosts with some guy. Bonus brownie points: she’s a fellow UT alum — albeit from San Antonio. But hey, close enough.

Her bio from ESPN:

Michelle Beadle joined ESPN on June 1, 2009, as co-host with Colin Cowherd of the studio show SportsNation on ESPN2 after spending time with 1050 ESPN New York as the New York SportsCenter anchor for ESPN Radio’s The Michael Kay Show. Beadle, who was the pre- and postgame reporter for the New Jersey Nets, also has been a studio anchor, reporter and host for the YES Network on shows such as the Emmy Award-winning Ultimate Road Trip; SportsLife NYC; and Yankees on Deck.

In addition to her work at YES, Michelle was hired in 2007 by People Magazine and, for which she hosts the online feature What You Missed over the Weekend. She has been a Red Carpet reporter for the Golden Globes, Grammy Awards, SAG Awards and the Tony Awards, and contributed for People Magazine on television, appearing on The Today Show, The Early Show, Extra, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight.

Michelle has been the host for Major League Baseball Production’s magazine show Cathedrals of the Game, which brings viewers an inside look at baseball’s most historic stadiums and venues. She was a feature reporter for the NFL Films syndicated program NFL Under the Helmet, which gave an up-close look at the players, coaches and fans of the NFL.

Beadle previously was a primary host and anchor for College Sports Television (CSTV), where she co-hosted the network’s flagship program, The #1 College Sports Show, in addition to CSTV pre- and postgame sports shows and specials.

Also, she hosted the Animal Planet series Animal Planet Report; co-hosted the Travel Channel’s Beach Week series; hosted the Discovery Channel reality series Get Packing and the network’s one-hour specials Inside Orlando’s Resorts and Outrageous Room Service; and hosted I Want Your Job, an original series on the Fine Living Network.

Beadle got her start in television as a reporter for the San Antonio Spurs and Fox Sports Net (Big Game Hunters) and soon moved on to TNN, now known as Spike TV, where she worked as a sideline reporter on the network’s coverage of Professional Bull Riding (PBR). During her time at TNN, Michelle also worked freelance as a reporter for ESPN’s Titan Games and CBS Sports on its coverage of the PBR.

Michelle, who now splits time between New York City and Hartford, Conn., is a graduate of University of Texas-San Antonio.

Also props to Waterdrinker for reminding me of her.

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ESPN Reporter Michelle Beadle

ESPN Reporter Michelle Beadle

ESPN Reporter Michelle Beadle

ESPN Reporter Michelle Beadle

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  • Steven

    i need some of that


    Hey Michelle,
    I love you on Sports Nation! I think Colin & yourself compliment each other and I love the way you put him in his place …a great show.
    And you are awesome and honestly, I can’t take my eyes off you …and don’t you get tired of the BRADY/Belichek hype?
    I hope the GMEN kill ‘em on FEB 5th.
    Be cool,

    Sure wish we could break bread someday,


  • PSUFan

    Michelle has been wearing some sexy stuff this week on SN. Today a sexy short blue dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://none bauwens

    micelle beedle has it all. im sorry to read so many sexual slurs. however can you imagine an old(63) ex boise state l.b. taking her to sun valley and fishing siver creek or showing up at my country club for a game of golf. damn her humor and knowledge is immense. at least i can dream. yours in sports nation michelle biddle involved in a sports activity weather it be a bsu game fly fishing or a round of golf. laurence e bauwens

  • PSUFan

    Did any of you know that Tom Coughlin’s daughter Kate’s husband is Chris Snee of the Giants. The only reason Snee is on the Giants probably is because he is Coughlin’s Son-In-Law.

    • Jim Tom

      Snee is a Pro Bowl player.

  • Joe Santoro

    To Bob …

    Vick is a dog-killer and always will have that moniker. The comment about casting the first stone ye who is without sin does not mean you cannot make a comment on someone when asked a question. Michelle was asked if she would support Vick and she said no for the reasons stated. The Bible does not forbid having an opinion or calling a sin (crime) by its name.

    Bob, would you support Vick if heas a pedophile or pushed old people down the stairs? I’m not a supporter and can not ever see myself as one. We are allowed to choose who we support based on our moral compass. Vick’s got his second chance and 100 million $ to boot. That’s my .02.

  • Nastymac

    The only flaw I could find is that she finds dunks amazing. No one over the age of 5 is impressed by some guy 6’5”+ dunking (might just be toeing the ESPN line). Hot, smart, funny what else is there?

  • Irishpride

    I wanna cum all over her

  • YaMomma

    She’s a fatty with a weird body. No torso with a fat (ever growing), flat ass. All legs, blocked out hips and middle, and that frog face…OVER RATED! But, many of you clowns think horse face Dana Jacobsen is hot, so there ya go….

  • Pierce

    Bye Michelle, we will miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    PS: You are sooooooo HOT

  • jim

    sportsnation with her and colin was classic. i’m young and never been attracted to anyone older than me, but her nature is just so cute! biggest tv crush

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  • bob

    very glad to see michell back bring back the fun the show once had and out with that guy thats trying to make it into a first take shoe