ESPN’s Suzy Kolber

ESPNís Suzy Kolber

ESPN sideline babe Suzy Kolber is probably more cute than hot, but for a girl in her ’40s, she nevertheless cuts a pretty impressive figure on the sidelines. Her biggest moment was probably when a sloshed Joe Namath hit on her during Monday Night Football. Ooh boy.

Here’s her bio from Wikipedia:

Susanne Lesley Kolber (born May 14, 1964, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a football sideline reporter, co-producer, and anchor for ESPN. She was one of the original anchors of ESPN2 when it launched in 1993. Three years later, she left ESPN2 to join Fox Sports, but rejoined ESPN in late 1999, and has been there since.

She is a 1982 graduate of Pennsylvania’s Upper Dublin High School and a 1986 graduate of the University of Miami. As reported by Tony Kornheiser’s radio show, former NFL player Ron Jaworski used to babysit Kolber when she was a kid. Jaworski and Kolber are now part of the same ESPN crew.

ESPNís Suzy Kolber

ESPNís Suzy Kolber

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  • J. Procko

    Simply elegant!!!

  • Christopher Valentino

    I totally think Suzy is really sexy and I would do everything to her.

  • 12th Man

    I wonder if SK remembers when the Bloomberg channel back around 1996 had the boxed in picture surrounded by the stock ticker & news headlines, ect.

  • Worm

    I wonder if she’s come across any articles about diets that mention Larry King?