ESPN’s Wendi Nix

So I was watching ESPN and Wendi Nix was reporting on that whole New England Patriots cheating scandal, and she’s quite the babe. Not a whole lot of her on the net, but here’s one screen cap. It doesn’t do her justice, I think. The cap actually kind of makes her look fat. I don’t think she’s fat, though.

ESPNís Wendi Nix

Added: 7/27/08

Reader Chris linked to this image of Wendi Nix in the comments section. It’s not her best side… Or is it?

Wendi Nix of ESPN

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  • eric

    You guys all sound like a bunch of losers. Like any of you would have a shot with her. She seems intelligent, she is beautiful and knows about sports too. I’m sure you dudes arent the best looking so quit nit-picking every little thing about her. Have you no respect. Listen to what your saying, its like you don’t care if she knows anything about her job just as long as she flashes some skin. Try to be a little more respectful. She is beautiful, deal with it you losers.

  • Chris

    Home sick today and caught the SC segment with Wendi Nix at the Saints facility-yikes! Let’s just say it didn’t help me feel less sick! She looked so ugly, amazing what tons of face paint and studio lighting can do for the looks. I’d hate to actually see her with NO makeup; she’d be on fugly chick to wake up to in the morning!

  • Rob

    I agree Eric. So quick to judge, and harsh for absolutely no reason. Let’s go guys, post some links to a photo of yourselves you’ve uploaded.

    I’ll let my wife have a look at you guys, and then she’ll tell you her opinion. My guess is that not a single one of you has the balls to do it.

    Those of you with the low self-esteem (oops, I mean the ones who rip on everyone else) should maybe take a look at this:

    “Insecurity may encourage compensatory behaviors such as arrogance, aggression, or bullying, a principle enshrined in the phrase ‘all bullies are cowards.’ Many people suffer a period of insecurity during puberty, which gives rise to a lot of the stereotypical behaviors of adolescents.”

    Nailed it.

  • George

    I always enjoy watching Wendi Nix on ESPN. I see nothing wrong with her, except for the fact that she’s a total babe!

  • Joe Richardson

    Wendi Nix is the hottest reported alive…she actually blows Erin Andrews away…wow…that gal is so fine if she was a sales lady she could sell ice to an Eskimo…I hope she can read this haha

  • C.T.

    Wendy Nix looks so gorgeous today in her brown plastic glasses!! WOW!!!!!

  • MattMo

    Not quite in Cohn’s league….but there’s nothing wrong with a little meat on that Wendy’s gorgeous ass! Totally tap worthy, IMHO.

  • mike

    very hot love her legs

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  • Mike

    She is everything I need.

  • Joe

    I dated her in high school. She is a really nice person with kinky tastes!

  • mathias mandango

    I dated her in high school had a threesome with her and Joe. They both took me in the can. She was kniky, but in all honesty Joe you were a freak.

  • jp

    she was a senior when i was a fresh. eehhh. didn’t think much of her then or now. the felkel twins were the hot head cheerleaders at soccaville, not her.

  • larry

    @wendy nix do you wear panties?

  • Jimmy

    she’d be better if she lost some weight but she is a real babe

  • Dennis


  • steveareno

    My first recollection of Wendy was when she co-hosted a Patriots cheerleader special in 2001…What stood out was, that she was hotter than any of the cheerleaders! Great to see her doing well on ESPN…with longer hair she’s even sexier now.