ESPNU’s Niki Noto

ESPNU Sports Reporter Niki Noto

With a name like Niki Noto, you sort of have to end up doing something sports-ish, otherwise the name would just go to waste. Imagine being a secretary name Niki Noto. Or a businesswoman. It’s pretty much either something in sports or a hitwoman. Anyways, you can currently find Niki Noto doing “Road Trip” for ESPNU, and no doubt Atlanta Falcons fans already know her very well, since she’s part of their sports coverage over there in Hotlanta.

Her bio:

Niki Noto is a graduate of the University of Alabama where she acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in telecommunications and worked closely with the sports information department. Post graduation she lived in Nashville, TN assisting the media relations and marketing department for the Tennessee Titans. When she wasn’t helping the Titans, Noto was traveling with the crew of ESPNU’s “Roadtrip” and serving as a production assistant.

In 2010, Noto moved to Atlanta and began working with the Atlanta Falcons as their Inside Reporter. In addition to covering the football team, she reported for the cheerleaders (AFC), as well as the community relations department. During the 2010-2011 season, Noto’s duties expanded into the role of the on field game host at the Georgia Dome for various commercial and fan related features.

Noto currently serves as a co-host and correspondent for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s (GPB) “Sports Central.” The show provides news and features surrounding the high school sports scene. She is also a sideline reporter for the GHSA football and basketball state championships, which are broadcasted live on GPB.

In the spring of 2011, Noto came on board with CSS as a free-lance reporter. She also hosts the series, “ATL Sports Experience” for Comcast on Demand: Get Local Atlanta. In July, Noto was added as a member of “Street Beat” correspondent team for ATL Profile, a new show to highlight the hottest events in Atlanta entertainment.

Noto will be traveling the country to the hottest college football matchups this season with “ESPNU Road Trip.” She will serve as a co-host and bring viewers exclusive behind the scenes footage of tailgates, interviews and campus interactions. The show airs every Wednesday on ESPNU @ 8ET.

Pics via Niki Noto’s Official Site, Facebook, Flickr, and Falcons Biz.

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  • Jeremy

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  • Jimmy


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    the 6th pic is very sexy and intriguing

  • Lee

    Niki Noto has a manly face….not that cute

  • Lee Bella

    Niki Noto looks like a man in the face….not cute

  • mike

    She is dating Falcons tight end Michael Palmer

  • Dodd

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  • ken

    I think people that say niki noto isn’t pretty are smoking crack. She is absoluely beautiful. Number 2 all time behind molly mcgrath (boston celtics). She makes me proud to be a celtics fan.

  • Dan

    The best wife and the best mom in the world