FOX Sports’ Jennifer Hale

Fox Sports Sideline Reporter Jennifer Hale

Wait, so she’s a sports sideline reporter who used to be a college cheerleader and homecoming queen at LSU, and she’s a published author? Not just that, but she’s already working on her second book? Now THAT is a new one. Then again, except for a few exceptions, most sideline reporters I’ve seen on TV have been pretty quick on their feet, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprise a sideline hottie like Louisiana’s Jennifer Hale can do all those things, and do them well. Plus, she looks really good in those jeans, too. Now that’s real talent!

h/t Walker

Her bio from her Facebook page:

Jen is a NFL Sideline Reporter for Fox Sports, co-host of “Game Plan” and a sports anchor for WVUE, Fox 8. She spent years as a news anchor and political reporter before making the jump to sports. She lives in the French Quarter and loves to cycle, cook and write. She published her first book, “Historic Plantations of Alabama’s Black Belt” in 2009 and is now working on her second publication. She’s also a CrossFit addict!

Jen Hale at work:

Pics from her Facebook page / Tiger Droppings.

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    nice butt

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