Fox Sports Radio’s Deb Carson

Who is Deb Carson? I don’t know, but Oscar from Los Angeles sent me this picture of her, and here’s his description: “I hear Deb Carson regularly on Fox Sports Radio, and I’ve seen her doing sports reports on TV stations in Southern California. Don’t know if she’s doing sideline reporting for this coming football season, but she’s definitely hot, smart and classy. (And I think her uncle or grandfather is Johnny Carson, the old Tonight Show Host.)” Oooh, nice lineage if you can get it.

Fox Sports Radio’s Deb Carson

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  • RJ

    Hey everybody I just farted.

  • Joe

    You’re right that Deb shouldn’t be stuck on a show where she has to tolerate Stephen A’s creepy comments, but I think she proves she’s class by brushing off those remarks AND being able to go toe-2-toe with him on sports. Seems like he respects her opinion because she’s credible and generally a(s someone else already said) ‘voice of reason’.

    But you’re wrong about “The Lovely Celessa”. She was as dull as a rock and didn’t know sports. And Deb didn’t take her job. Celessa was still on for awhile after Deb joined the show, although you’d never know it because Batchan added nothing except the occasional giggle. The way I see it, Deb is a sports anchor who was brought in so that Stephen A would have someone on that show to talk sports with. I’ve listened to that show from day 1 and thanked God when they brought Deb. Smith seemed to find a groove and settle in with her there.

  • pedagoguish

    Joe, you’re right. Deb is the only intelligent voice on the show. Give her the slot and send da bro’ back to Philly!

  • http://facebook jeff burns

    youre good on radio if you stop agreeing with stephan a smith all the time. i dont like
    the comment you had , saying stephane a smith is intelligent. sure he is a statistical geek,but you dont have to be intelligent to give your opinion on sports. thats all stephan a smith does. i just dont classify him as intelligent …he isnt a moron dont get me wrong,but you look at him as if he is this almighty god.intelligent individuals are doctors ,teachers,engineers to name a few.not some one like stephan a smith who gives an opinion on sports and he has to be right all the time.well let me enlightned you opinions can be right or wrong.Dont get me wrong im not a stephan a smith hater,and i agree with some things he says,but i just wish you guys would disagree with him sometime. he isnt “Howard Cosell”!!!!!!!!!!!!See More

  • Nicholas DiPinto

    Love the show !….. Deb Carson really adds to the format of the show.Stephen a character and his diversity , articulation really is great. The guy is sharp .I am hooked and have to listen every a.m when I can.also Deb is a real beauty and I can now relate to the comments that Stephen A. makes about her on a regular basis . her husband is a lucky guy !!!!!!

  • Huggalot

    Deb compliments Steve like ed did for Johnnie. Don’t worry about her. She handles steve a like a real pro. She knows when to chime in and how to offer up her disagreements with the big cheese. I love her.

  • J

    Deb Carson is smart and sexy period. All of us are just jealous because we WISH we had the opportunity to meet,date and marry a woman that cool. She’s also got a sweet voice. C’est la vie!!!

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  • Larry couch

    I thought she was black.

  • Bill B

    I like to listen to Deb, but Steven A Smith has an overblown ego and is very arrogant. He played basketball and graduated from a small college, obviously because he wasn’t good enough for a major university. He treats Deb like she is so below him. I had to quit listening to the sorry jerk that the show is named after.

  • Kitchen Units

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  • Paul O

    I also love listening to Deb but I’m a HUGE Stephen A. fan. In fact, I’m listening right now as I type this. I don’t believe he comes off as arrogant at all.Another great show today.

  • RideThisBlackCowboy

    Deb’s one of my Facebook friends,and yes,she’s a BRAINY
    buxom blonde who,like Ben Maller Show producer Miranda Moreno,
    holds her own well in the sports talk radio boys’ club while
    nieither avoiding nor overly emphasizing her “sports babe”
    bona fides.GREAT JOB,Cowgirls Deb and Miranda!!!

  • Fr. JeMario Deluucio DelMonica Rizzi, III, MD

    Deese is a douche.

  • RideThisBlackCowboy


  • Kasi Giardina

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  • Jimmy

    i would go for her

  • Jimmy

    she has an old laides name but a great body

    • Kris Logan

      Debbie is an old lady’s name?