FSN’s Charissa Thompson

FSNs Charissa Thompson

Patrick emailed me Charissa Thompson’s name and a picture (below) of this very fine looking Fox Sports Net and Big Ten Network reporter. Note: She is NOT to be confused with a blonde model of the same name, although there have been some confusion as the two, well, kinda looks alike, too. Here’s a bio on the REAL Charissa Thompson from FOX Sports on MSN:

Based in Los Angeles, Thompson serves as a correspondent for BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD. Her quick wit made her an instant hit with the BDSSP crew and is a daily presence on the program. Thompson moderates BDSSP’s college football debates, works as a BDSSP correspondent for major sporting events and has served as a reporter on FSN’s 2007 MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Show,

Charissa Thompson (FOX Sports Net)
She also works for the BIG TEN NETWORK as a sideline reporter for the Saturday game of the week.

Thompson’s versatility has been on display since her first day at FSN. She co-hosts the FSN BASEBALL REPORT, serves as a reporter for FSN’s BCS SHOW and FSN BCS BREAKDOWN, contributes special web segments for foxsports.com and hosted FSN’s original rodeo competition, TOUGHEST COWBOY.

Thompson made her first on-air appearance for FSN on regional affiliate FSN Rocky Mountain. As a reporter for a half-hour magazine show centered on the Colorado Rockies, ROCKIES ALL-ACCESS, Thompson earned the respect of both her bosses and Rockies players with her researched, nuanced questions and comfortable delivery. Her success on that program led to her working Rockies games as the in-stadium reporter, doing live updates and interviews throughout the game.

FSNs Charissa Thompson

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  • lujan

    in the famous words of my grandfather ay mamasitayou look so good

  • Marcos

    Could fox sports possibly say any louder “our attempt to answer ESPN’s Erin Andrews”. FAIL

    She looks weird and her curves and legs are nothing compared to Erin. This is just another blond to me and she looks kind of nerdy. Erin is like the hot cheerleader that had curves in all the right places. Both are sweet and nice but one was great in the sack and one wasn’t. I wouldn’t tell anyone about this one, but Erin would go home to mom and dad.

  • Stick Dick

    And she gives one hell of a blowjob to boot!

  • jismonher

    want to lick her up n down!

  • ddd

    damn she hot in my bed

  • ddccccc

    damn she hot in my bed

  • marko

    Just saw her on ESPN the other day and I think she is actually better as on overall package than Erin Andrews. “Looks wise” they are very close but Thompson’s voice isn’t as annoying as Andrews’ voice.

  • Jimmy

    she is right now my favorite

    she is smokin’

  • James

    everyone needs to shut up about her mole, she still is very sexy

  • PSU Fan

    she is my favorite women, i wish i had BTN to see her

    Go PSU