Hannah Storm

Sports Newscaster Hannah Storm

I used to see Hannah Storm manning the sports desk for NBC sport shows, and for a long while there, she did NBC’s NBA coverage for years. Now she’s moved on to CBS and their morning news shows and is basically no longer a sideline hottie. But hey, she used to be pretty hot (I especially like the incredibly airbrushed pic of her), and we can always remember when a hot chick named Hannah Storm used to do NBA games for us.

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  • Jimmy

    the pics arent great but she is!

  • Jackson

    she is turning 50 but she looks like she is 30

    so hott

  • Jimmy

    Did any of you see hr interview with Tebow wearing a very sexy purple dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hannah

    I am 9 and we have the same frst name