Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz plies her trade in Mexico, doing sideline soccer duties for the teeming masses when she’s not modeling that hot body. And oh yeah, she’s also got an incredible ass. The face, on the other hand, ain’t so hot. But that body, and that ass… DAMN that ass!

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    Wow? That is one fine body.

  • Dan

    She is a very beautiful woman, but that doesn’t give you guys the right to talk filthy about her. Have a little respect please!

  • http://yahoo igor

    jeremy davis only likes boys,wants you to check is fudge level, lmao hahahaha

  • Ron

    This chica is barely average and has alot of cellulite. I just get dig a chick that looks like a dude in the face. Sorry, there are so many females better looking then this one. If she wasn’t a sports reporter we’d all think she was a dog. I like curves but i don’t like old hags.

  • http://yahoo forrest gump

    Ron Says I love men,that Is what he meant. read between the lines

  • AButtGirl

    As a bisexual female who loves asses I was disappointed when there were no swimsuit pics from the back. Actually there are no pics from the back with her in anything but long pants. She’s hiding something and I think it rhymes with ‘exit light.’ Sad but true. On the whole reporter thing, it’s gross. She needs to put some clothes on that are more professional and more age appropriate. No one will respect her if she has no respect for herself.

  • HLI

    She has the nicest ass I have ever seen. I like a little chunk in the trunk. I would love to have her sit on me wearing her tight jeans anytime she wants.

  • Rog78

    Her face is fine. Just because it isn’t as perfect as that body don’t make it bad. And oh, that body…….

  • http://yahoo victor

    Majia. Tiene tu imajen majia tiene tu vella voz ahondando en las fuentes de la inspiracion. Que dicha tan grande arropa mi sentir de tanta belleza te quiero decir que contestes una frase para poder vivir linda muza tocaste mi existir! Tan bello cuerpo tan bella voz masbellla tu alma. Si mirara tus ojos en. Ellos me kisiera morir! Besos inez besos ya me despido o dios quisiera morir!

  • Jimmy

    Ines would now be my #1 choice, she is pure 100% SEXY…better than Erin A. and Charissa

  • Jimmy

    she has the most perfect body

  • Jackson

    great ass and great rack