Jenn Brown: Former Model Turned ESPN Sideline Gal

ESPN’s rolling out the babes lately, and perhaps they’re looking for an Erin Andrews replacement? Hopefully not, but who says there can’t be two hotties roaming the college gameday sidelines? Their latest discovery is former model (with some juicy bikini pics out there) Jennifer Brown, aka Jenn Brown, who is currently doing gigs on the network’s College Gameday, Inside the NFL, and ESPNU’s Road Trip.

Says Wikipedia:

Jenn Brown is an American television personality, TV host, Sportscaster, producer, and a model. An avid sports lover and extremist, Brown has a carefree nature that entices viewers to follow her on her many bold and electrifying adventures. In addition to returning to Inside the NFL as the only female correspondent, Jenn has offered her football expertise to the college world, on ESPN’s “College GameDay” and ESPNU’s “Road Trip”. Jenn also covers both boxing and mixed martial arts for Showtime Sports and CBS.

Over the years, Brown has covered a variety of events ranging from The Super Bowl to Red Carpets, from Film Festivals to the X Games and has hosted over 100 television episodes between all her shows.

Throughout the 2009 football season, Jenn has moved onto the college field for both ESPN’s College GameDay and ESPNU’s Road Trip. Coinciding with her correspondent duties on Showtime’s INSIDE THE NFL, Jenn has provided a behind-the-scenes look at College GameDay through ESPNU’s Road Trip, a one-hour series capturing the fan and student perspective. Jenn also covers all mix martial arts and boxing events for Showtime.

In addition to being a part of the hosting team for ABC’s summer 2009 primetime show The Superstars, Jenn has appeared as a regular correspondent for a variety of networks and programs, including E! Entertainment’s” E! News Now”, ESPN’s “Road Trip”, CMT’s “I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again,” HDNet’s “The Wild Side” and CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight.” Jenn has also covered major sporting events, including The Super Bowl for INSIDE THE NFL, The NBA All-Star Game and World Series of Poker for ESPN, the Collegiate Nationals for CBS Sports, the X Games Live Coverage for ESPN360 and many Nationally Syndicated Winter Action Sport Shows.

Pics of Jenn Brown via her Myspace page, 944, and her official site. Thanks to Waterdrinker for the heads up on Jenn Brown.

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  • Bret

    She reminds me of Erin Andrews. Which is a good thing.

  • Brian

    Jenn Brown looks like a dude. Maybe it’s her HUGE FOREHEAD — I mean HUGE — or the lack of curves in the right places, or the man voice. Whatever it is, Jenn is a so not hot. She’s also not even a sideline reporter, she does fluff interviews and random tv and web hosting. Definitely not a fan.

  • michael

    Jenn has a beautiful body, and would love to meet her. Any celeb I could have sex with, it would be Jenn. Keep it up!

  • MattMo

    Big plus for her big hot jugs. Definitely a step up from Erin Andrews’ league! :D

  • kutha

    I have to agree with MattMo all the way, her jugs are very nice.

  • Grace Brown

    i just leave munching and eating cheesecakes, they are tasty and yummy`;~

  • Owen Murphy

    i’d love to munch those very big cheesecakes, they are really tasty and sweet,*-

  • Marcos

    Sexy, but these pics of her aren’t the best they could have gotten

  • Jeremy

    She has to be up near the top. Knows and likes sports and is very attractive without trying to hard. Kind of a girl next door hottie in the line of Melissa Stark and Summer Sanders. Those girls dont stay on the market long.

  • John

    She was decent slapper when she played softball at UF.

  • Steve

    On Nov 25th 2009 Brian said Jenn looks like a Dude! These are the kind of wackjobs that need to be locked up! I hope you have found a new pair of glasses by 2011 ya ding a ling! Jenn is one of the top five hotties on the sidelines for sure!

  • Jimmy

    looks alot like Erin andrews, which is a ccompliment.

  • Jimmy

    now i see why she was a model

  • Greg

    is she actually a smoker, cmon Jenn you are so sexy, plese dont smoke

  • Vlmoore

    What is with her NON MOVEABLE eyebrows….looks really strange.