Kent State and FoxSport’s Lyndsay Petruny

One of our readers said this about Lyndsay Petruny: “She was LITERALLY the talk of the school whenever football/basketball games were being covered though because every guy was like, oh what I would do to get with her? She just has a certain mystique about her that we guys couldn’t get enough of.” Hmm, mystique, eh? Let’s see for ourselves, shall we?

Her bio (via her official site):

Lyndsay Petruny is a sports anchor, producer, show host, and sideline reporter. She worked for Fox Sports Network in Los Angeles this past summer and graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She also spent three years at KSU TV-2 in Ohio and gained invaluable experience anchoring the news, reporting live from the sidelines at sporting events, producing web content, and completing more than 40 packages in which she had to produce, write scripts, conduct interviews, shoot video, create graphics, track and edit entirely.

Her demo reel with FoxSports:

Some pics:

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  • Doc Coleman

    Wow. Lyndsay Petruny is dynamite and has an intelligent air about her too. Nice to have an alternative to all the blondes!

  • dennis chuck

    shes beautiful she gets my vote

  • MattMo

    Yeah, I’d take that home with me with some wine and whip cream!!! Nice curves — young and very edible! :D :D

  • Mikey BoSox

    I just saw this Lyndsay Petruny chic on last week, showing off their front page with a Mr. Tom Brady!

  • Jimmy

    nice rack and body