Melissa Stark

ABC blonde cutie Melissa Stark went from working Monday Night Football and the Superbowl to doing anchor duty for MSNBC. So basically she went from being seen by half the world’s population to being seen by Fred and Jane in Iowa. Bummer.

Stats for Melissa via Wikipedia:

Melissa Stark (born November 11, 1973 in Baltimore, Maryland), is an American television personality. Currently, she works as a news anchor for MSNBC Live and a correspondent for NBC News, primarily on The Today Show. Prior to joining NBC, she was best known for her three-year stint as a sideline reporter for Monday Night Football. She has also worked as a reporter for fellow Disney entity ESPN.

In 2005, Stark participated as a reporter for NBC’s New Year’s Eve coverage, hosted by Carson Daly. In 2006, she served as the sideline reporter during NBC’s speedskating coverage at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino.

Stark has a degree in Foreign Affairs and Spanish from the University of Virginia.

Despite majoring, and being fluent, in Spanish, Melissa could not hold a conversation with a security guard in Mexico City when Monday Night Football had a preseason game there in 2001. She could not communicate with the guard–who thought she was not authorized to go into the stadium–that her group was from ABC television and she was actually detained by Mexican officials for some time before the matter was resolved. Melissa admitted that she was quite embarrassed over the whole situation.

Her husband, Michael Lilley, is an employee at Goldman Sachs.

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  • Jeremy

    A real Enigma who still makes mens hearts flutter. Competent at her job but not spectacular.

    Her looks are so good without being slutty that she really can go as far as she wants in the business. Seeing her on TV in the right outfit and make up is like seeing Sunshine brightening your day.

    She is very much into professional appearance and motherhood and leaves things to the imagination. This is the kind of career woman you marry if you are successful and attractive enough to score one.

  • Chris

    So Melissa was arrested in 2001?

    She actually has a criminal record in Mexico!! That’s hilarious! :)

  • Davan Mani

    She just look good to find a Boaz!

  • Josh N.

    It’s too bad that she decided to work for MS-LSD. How many people watch that lunacy?

    Top 5
    1. Erin Andrews
    2. Jill Arrington
    3. Melissa Stark
    4. Michelle Bonner
    5. Lisa Guererro

  • Al Michaels

    I tried to get Melissa in the sack. Do you believe in miracles?

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  • Adam

    She needs to get back into sports broadacasting. She’s the hottest of the bunch and makes Erin Andews look ugly


  • Ron

    Melissa is a true professional, “A REAL CUTE ONE” who does an outstanding job in whatever capacity at MSNBC or NBC. I read somewhere she worked with ESPN, I believe she should go back because they have two of the hottest ladies working and they are Erin Andrews and Bonnie Bernstein.

  • Don

    Miss her on MNF.

  • sammie

    She’s been banned in Pittsburgh because she thought she was so above it on her last MNF visit. Ya don’t f*ck with the Rooney’s.