NESN’s Kathryn Tappen

Apparently Boston is trying to corner the market on hot female sports reporters. First Heidi Watney, then Hazel Mae, and now Kathryn Tappen. You’re usually pretty lucky if you get one pretty gal delivered with your daily dose of sports, but three? The New England Sports Network must be doing something right. Here’s Kathryn Tappen.

Her bio (via Wikipedia):

Kathryn Tappen is an American sportscaster who has worked for NESN since 2006. Tappen serves as NESNís studio host for Boston Bruins games and as a the lead anchor SportsDesk. Tappen joined NESN after a year and a half at WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island, where she was the weekend anchor and weekday sports reporter for the NBC affiliate. Tappen began her career at CSTV in 2003, where she hosted a variety of programs.

At Rutgers University, Tappen was an Academic All-American as a member of the track and cross country teams and is a former record holder in the womenís 3,000 meter steeplechase.

Kathryn Tappen sells some Sox gear:

Pics from around the web.

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  • BeanTownRules

    Actually – Kathryn Tappen was around way before Watney. And yes – NESN is doing most things right – other than hiring a bald dude to host Sports Desk – I guess they forgot about their target demographic when Hazel left.

  • Kurt

    What, the Red Sox don’t have Bikinis?

  • Joe

    Kathryn is really hot. Plus, she blushes rather easily. I think I read somewhere that she is dating or engaged to a player for the New Jersey Devils.

  • http://BostonBruinsBigFan(facebook) Jason O’Brien

    Gorgeous!!! and I love how she hates Mike Milbury. you can just see itin her eyes. Right there with ya Kathryn.

  • MattMo

    Wouldn’t you love to ‘tappen’ some of that ass!!!!! wow, that’s hot! ;) ;)

  • Arthur Bennett

    Why can Kathryn Tappen face the camera when she is speaking to Barry Pederson. This is very distribing and unprofessional.

  • RickyRed

    All I want to know is who’s “Tappen” Kathryn. Lucky bastard!

  • Tom Varney

    where is Kathryn Tappen now that Dale Arnold is back (she was x on the bruins pre and post game show) she not the one that I thought would be gone.

  • numberten

    Kathryn is not only a gorgeous woman but a very nice person as well. I miss her dearly on NESN but it’ll be great for her to be
    on NHL network. She knows her stuff and will do very well.

  • OhNo

    I saw her hosting the NHL pregame for the Bruin’s opener and had a sinking feeling. I said to myself “Oh no, not another well educated, well spoken, sweetheart of a sports caster from NESN has left..” I’m watching her now on “NHL on the Fly” while waiting for the B’s to start their beating of the `canes. She’s very good at her job and wish her all the best in this stage or her career; but darnit… I’ll miss her on NESN…

  • Neil MacLean

    Re: “On The Fly” camera shots- All seem to be from an extreme distance -why no close-ups of Kathryn.

  • matt

    hot.kathryn has it going on

  • Nastymac

    How can NESN keep hitting homers with the women they put on the air, yet not realize Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley suck out loud? Tied for worst announcing team with the Penguins Errey/Stiegerwald.

  • http://JEEminn3000 Gregory Champion

    Although i’m not a nhl fan, but kathryn is the reason I tuned into nhl tonight on the nhl network.

  • Celia Ohman, North Carolina

    Kathryn is great! We love her on the NHL network as we follow the Bruins.