New Boston Sports Reporter Julie Donaldson

Sports Reporter Julie Donaldson

From what I can tell, blonde sports reporter Julie Donaldson went from covering the Heats in Miami to covering the Mets in New York to covering the Sox in Boston, where a reader noticed her and sent in her name for consideration. And my oh my does she deserve some consideration! Blonde sideline reporters are always a little hotter than their brunette counterparts if you ask me, and Julie Donaldson certainly confirms that totally irrational and idiotic stereotype.

Her bio from Wikipedia:

Julie Anne Donaldson is a beauty queen from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida who has competed in the Miss USA pageant, in addition to working as a sportscaster on the New York City based network SportsNet New York.

Donaldson won the Miss Florida USA title in the state pageant held in Orlando, FL in July 2000.She had previously placed first runner-up to Kristin Ludecke in the previous year’s pageant. Donaldson competed in the Miss USA 2001 pageant won by Kandace Krueger of Texas, but did not place. In July 2001 she passed on her title to Shannon Ford.

In 2006, Donaldson joined SportsNet New York at the network’s inception. She has made numerous reports from various sporting events covered by SNY, and hosts Mets Weekly, a weekly program recapping New York Mets games, trades, injuries, and other features.

Donaldson has most recently worked as a TV host for Miami Heat’s Heat TV. Prior to that, Donaldson went on to co-hostSports Rap on FOX Sports Net Florida. Donaldson has also co-hosted “Softball 360″ on FOX Sports Net National, as well as on Information Television Network co-hosting the PBS series Healthy Body Healthy Mind.

In February 2008 Donaldson was hired as the Boston Red Sox beat reporter for Boston NBC affiliate WHDH 7.

Donaldson is a graduate of the University of Florida.

No wonder, the girl’s a former beauty queen!

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A video example of her work:

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  • Bill

    Interesting story about Julie Donaldson. She recently was in court in Boston after her boyfriend was arrested for domestic assult. It turns out that Ms. Donaldson is quite the party girl. On the night of the alledged event, she took her boyfriend out for his birthday to a Boston nightclub. After drinking it up she invited 4, count them, 4 women from the club back to her condo for some latenight fun. That’s when things turned ugly. Testimony from the defense stated that Ms. Donaldson and her friends are on the kinky side, filming their sex sessions.




    The SEX TAPE stuff is BULLSHIT LIES from the defense. Trying to defame the accuser is always the best defense. He was trying to ASSUALT those girls who came back to keep the party going, Julie jumped in to stop him and she got brutally attacked.

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  • Galley

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • BA

    I know Julie from college and she’s even nicer than she is beautiful, as impossible as that may seem. She’s a wonderful girl and deserves all the success in the world.

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