NFL Network’s Michelle Beisner

And here I thought the hottest chick on NFL Network was Rich Eisen. How wrong I was! (Okay, just kidding about that first part, stop accusing me of being gay! Ahem. Where was I?) One face on NFL Network that keeps me tuning in is Michelle Beisner, who provides a nice respite from the sports net’s many programmings filled with annoying ex-player mush-mouthing their way through football highlights.

So who is Michelle Beisner? Well, she’s a former Denver Broncos cheerleader who has since made the move to actual sports reporting with the NFL Network, where she hosts their Starting 11 and NFL Network Now programs. She’s also an actress, who has appeared in the movies “Throttle”, “Alice in Wasteland”, “Spotless”, and had a small role in Oliver Stone’s football movie “Any Given Sunday”.

(Thanks to Kevin S. for reminding me about her.)

Michelle in action:


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  • Bucky Johnson

    Amen. When she appears on the screen my son and I actually stop what we are doing to listen to her and look at her. Um…F-I-N-E.


    Wow that is the definition of a babe! Pure perfection!

  • NotASycofant

    Her body is ok, but her face is atrocious. She looks like a man in the grill.

  • jason

    not sue what notasyco is looking at but this girl is just a knock out. plus she actually has brains. she paid her own way through school. i’d love to take her home to mom.

  • Matty

    I got to meet her a couple times and all I can say is WOW! She is one of the most kind, generous and has one of the most beautiful smiles you will ever come across. Not to mention the brains on this girl. Def on the top of my list!!!

  • REMove

    Clearly, the photos show that she’s a SERIOUS journalist…Ha!

  • Jon

    Not – are you gay? She is a total fox

  • CTU

    Definitely a real journalist hahaha! She’s not even that hot!

  • Brad James

    As a Broncos fan, I’ve always loved her. She is a good Facebook friend as she replies whenever you have a comment!

  • jismonher

    she is smoking hot! i bet she is fun to……

  • 12th Man

    I wonder if Michelle Beisner has heard of the name Val Stouffer, who use to co-host the old Afternoon News on KIRO Radio here in Seattle & if Stouffer had any cousins that were Bronco Cheerleaders?

  • numberten

    Michelle is gorgeous! NFL Network’s finest!

  • http://nflnetwork Mr V

    She needs to quit wearing push-ups

  • Michael Ireson

    Michelle, When is the NFL Network BABES calender coming out? You guys do the best job & I love watching the shows. Keep me posted.

  • Hawk Fan

    If Ms. Beisner is reading this, i hope that the Seattle Seahawks face the Cardinals in Arizona next Thanksgiving Night on the NFL N in which it would be seen on KONG-TV in Seattle & KASW-TV in Phoenix.

  • Jimmy

    No Doubt about it 10/10

  • numberten

    Smokin’ and oh those legs!

  • PSU Fan

    Ur right,Those are great legs!!! She is really Smokin’.
    I want some
    I need some
    Gimme some

  • H.N.I.C.


  • rogues rodriquez

    …need more Michelle Beisner