Ohio’s Ashleigh Ignelzi

Ashleigh Ignelzi hails from Ohio, home of the Buckeyes and the greatest potatoes in the world. Probably. Okay, so I don’t know anything about Ohio besides their NCAA and pro football teams, give me a break. Luckily for us, the guy who emailed me Ashleigh Ignelzi’s name knows a thing or two about her.

Here’s our man Brad with the 411 on Ashleigh Ignelzi:

Her name is Ashleigh Ignelzi, she is from Columbus Ohio and works for state wide cable network Ohio News Network (ONN.) Ash, as she is often referred to on the Average Joe Sports Show which is a spin off of Best Damn Sports Show, is the only female on set and she holds her own being so young (23) with a bunch of old guys. She hasn’t been out of college one year yet and has a great start. I know she went to Otterbein College, a few of my buddies know her and say she is awesome. She loves sports, and has said on the show she probably watches more ESPN than most men. Which was music to my ears, also on the show she can be found denying former Ohio State QB Justin Zwick. He and the guys get a kick of trying to set her and Zwick up on dates but shes out of his league. She is super hot and stacked but always professional and want to be a Sideline Reporter. I really enjoy watching her and she has a great voice. I attached a few pictures but also their Myspace page link where she blogs and there web site where you have clips of her doing her thing, my favorite is her golf lesson. Show Ashleigh some love!

Will do! Check out the Average Joe Show Myspace page here. The clip can be found here.

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  • Chris

    They do love making Ashleigh blush by trying to get her together with Zwick.

  • Lewis Gordon

    Ashleigh I. is indeed a multi-angled player. Beyond simply being attractive, she’s quick on her feet and has a good fashion sense. Her ability to bust the guy’s chops allows her to be comfortable not only in the field, but in the big chair as well. It’s difficult to not harbor a crush after meeting her, but she takes it all in stride.
    Be sure to tune in Mondays and Thursdays to ONN for the Average Joe Sports Show, and for more Ash, watch her demo reel on youtube.

  • Matt Lisi

    I’ve known Ash for years. She’s been all about her passion, being involved in the sports field, for as long as I’ve known her. If there is anything she knows it’s sports. Well shopping, fashion, and guys too. lol. Overall Ash is amazing woman and her career is just at the base of the mountain of success and she won’t stop until she makes it to the top. I have no doubt about it.

  • Jimmy

    cute but not as good as the others

  • James

    shes okay but i will take her

  • Greg

    Ashley Ignelzi always does a great reporting on The Columbus Crew.
    Asheigh Ignelzi is an Sideline Reports.

  • https:twitter.com/ashleighIgnelzi Greg

    Ashleigh Ignelzi is the Reporter for Game Time with Urban Meyer Saturday Mornings on Fox Sports Ohio on WBNS-10TV at 9:00 am ets.

  • https:twitter.com/ashleighIgnelzi Greg

    Ashleigh Ignelzi is on Twitter.