Poker Hostess Amanda Leatherman

I first saw Amanda Leatherman doing hosting duties for the’s “The Big Game” late one night. Obviously being something of a poker fan, and an bigger fan of very attractive female reporters, I stuck around. She’s a tad short on the height (around 5-foot), but more than makes up for it with a spunky personality.

A quick bio from Girl Poker Player:

Amanda Leatherman is well-known in the poker world as a bubbly hostess and interviewer for many various on and offline media outlets.

Leatherman has been seen working with:

- as online tournament reporter

- as online professional poker player interviewer

- World Poker Tour as the online live update correspondent

This good-looking poker ambassador has worked her way through poker industry and is a well known face.

Her knowledge of the game of poker allows for great insight during her interviews. She’s more than to talk strategy and play when interviewing players, which is a breathe of fresh air when compared to other hosts who don’t even know how the game is played. No doubt you will see more of Amanda Leatherman in the near future.

Most of the below pics via Amanda’s Myspace page.

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