Rachel Nichols Covering March Madness

Rachel Nichols

So you probably heard: Rachel Nichols is no longer with ESPN. She recently signed on with CNN, which also means doing sports coverage for TBS, TNT, etc. Not sure when she actually started (does CNN cover sports?), but I began seeing her on the sidelines of the NCAA tournament. She definitely still looks good, that’s for sure.

I knew there was something good about March Madness … and not just all the crazy sports. Seriously, Florida Gulf Coast over Georgetown? Nuts, man.

Some new pics via her Facebook page.

Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols

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  • PSUFan

    She may be kinda old but she is beatiful. Natural beauty!

  • madquack

    I certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed

  • 12th Man

    God Bless Geoff Edwards, who hosted “Starcade” on Turner’s TBS during 1983. Edwards himself was age 83.

  • Peanut Head

    Happy Birthday CNN. Here’s to 34 more years & beyond.