Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols is not to be confused with Rachel Nichols the skinny model/actress from “Alias” and “The Inside”. She’s the ESPN reporter known for her robotic reporting and amazing ability to not blink at all. People say there is a coldness to Rachel Nichols, but I don’t know, I think it’s kind of hot. Who doesn’t like to unleash the tiger in these seemingly cold ice queens?

Wikipedia says:

Rachel Alexander Nichols is an ESPN reporter and Page2 columnist. She has previously worked for the Washington Post and Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. Nichols attended Northwestern University.

Several blogs and other website authors have made note that Nichols rarely blinks when appearing on screen during SportsCenter. As Frank Walsh of the Huntersville Herald observed, “She is pretty and a redhead but that’s not why to check her out. She never blinks.”

Named one of Esquire Magazine’s “Women We Love,” 11/05 issue.

Nichols is married to music executive Max Nichols, and is the daughter-in-law of film director Mike Nichols, and stepdaughter-in-law of television journalist Diane Sawyer.

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  • Scott

    she is very hot, doesnt look it on TV but in person she is gorgeous

  • cdock

    Cannot STAND this B*TCH! It’s invasion of the body snatchers! What a robot! How did she get on ESPN??? I have to flip the channel every time I see her face or hear her voice. This b*tch doesn’t know sh*t about sports. Can’t stand her.

  • Josh

    hot??? you’ve got to be kidding….

    can you say SKANK!!!!

    and shes a joo….just foul….

  • Jimmy

    i agree she is very hot. She is one of the hottest, she is not sexy but she iss very hot.

  • http://Facebook Russell Shulman

    I got to meet her at the espn zone in NYC.She couldn’t have been nicer,more gracious and friendly.She is down to earth and a real sweetheart.Also, she is even more attractive in person.She is quite knowledgeable, and a real pro, so all of you haters, cut her some slack.Besides, how would you feel if you were her, or her husband, and had to read all of these rude and very crude remarks?

  • http://Netzero Antron Fogg

    Rachael Nichols is a sweet and talented woman. She is very sexy too.

  • http://None Scott

    You got to be kidding , How could anyone consider her to be a hottie.

  • http://None Scott

    How is she on a list of hotties , How could anyone consider her a hottie.

  • Scott #2

    She a slightly scanky look to her, and i mean that in a good way. Most girls I’ve had with the quality usually are the best performers/anything goes. On the hotness scale she is 2nd tier porn chick hot.

  • Scott #2

    Forgot the word “has”

  • http://www.sidelinehotties.com/rachel-nichols/#comments MrBill

    Her hubby is an ESPN show producer. Haven’t you noticed she is NEVER filmed from the waist down, bcuz she has an @$$ the size of Baltimore

    • randy_bottoms

      i like big ones.

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  • http://ESPN Robby j

    I like her…. Don’t think we should judge hair color or gender. She gives a comprehensive and competent approach to reporting news. She will continue to get better & I think she is well spoken & unbiased in her reports! ….. A Rachael Nichols Fan!!

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  • 666les

    Pulled a train with the Pistons.