Speed Channel’s Danielle Trotta

Speed Channel Reporter Danielle Trotta

I think I have the Speed Channel somewhere on my cable package. I don’t know, I’ve never looked for it, though I suspect it’s there … somewhere. In any case, reader Marg sent over Danielle Trotta’s name, and I gotta say, he has good taste. According to her Twitter, here’s where you can catch her: NASCAR Race Hub (Monday – Thursday 7-8pm Eastern) and ACC Blitz with Coach Tommy Bowden (on the ACC Network).

Her bio via WBTV:

Danielle was born and raised in Westchester County, New York until she was 10. Her family then packed up and moved to Richmond, Indiana. Just before starting high school she moved within the Hoosier state again to Carmel, Indiana where she lived until leaving for college.

Danielle attended four colleges throughout the East coast, finishing up at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2005. She majored in Mass media with a minor in journalism.

Danielle began interning at WBTV in the fall of 2005. During her senior year of college she interned in the sports department. Upon graduating from UNCC Danielle began working at WBTV as a weekend editor. She joined the sports department in August 2006. Her favorite stories are ones highlighting local high school athletes who have overcome obstacles and still succeed not only on the field but also in the community.

Pics via DalyPlanet, Flickr, and Myspace.

Speed Channel Reporter Danielle Trotta

Speed Channel Reporter Danielle Trotta

Speed Channel Reporter Danielle Trotta

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  • http://yahoo dsonald langiano

    i think danielle has great legs, lucious thights and a cute rear end.she is also beautiful.

  • Jeremy

    Cute for now, but her genes are not far off from that picture she took with her cousin in the blue shirt. There is a reason she is on the Speed Channel and not some better known station. Southern Beauty Pageant host is in her future.

  • Jimmy

    she has a great body

  • jerry

    I think Danielle is hot…I hope steve Byrnes stays in the field!

  • Rodney

    Danielle is very Beautiful, Hot and Sexy.

  • Marc

    I bet ya some major network snatches her up very soon!!!!

  • matthew

    WOW!! What a beautiful women, can’t help but smile when I c her on speed chanel.

  • Big Ev

    What a fine *ss woman Ms. Trotta is… She belongs on top of me

  • Richard

    To Danielle’ I watch the race hub’ every day and it would not be a show without Danielle Trotta’ So keep up the good work SEXY.

  • Jr wilcox

    I think she is soo sexy and smart. I would marry her and treat her like a man should treat a woman

  • John

    That guy is crazy

  • Eugene

    Danielle Trotta does an excellent job on Race Hub. She’s definitely a rising star in broadcasting. Also one of the most beautiful women I’ve every seen, and main reason why i watch Race Hub…

  • Paul

    These are pretty pictures, especially the one at the very top of the page.

  • http://None Michael Sparti

    Danielle, You are Very Bright! Great smile too! I’m a pit crew for IMSA, then CANAM, & regional NASCAR in Ca. and Nevada. Moved back to NC and live in the country, W.of Charlotte, !/2 way tween Asheville and The Queen!

    Great work, and you got the look For Sure!

    PS Kelly Franson is my all time fav. In the 15 Major markets I’ve lived in. She has the TV presentation down, Fluid and effortless. Keep it up! L, m

  • http://None Michael Sparti

    What ever happened to Miss Hurst Shifter?

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.turek.1 Richard Turek

    i think she has a baby bump,whose her guy>>>>>>>>.shooter

  • http://www.facebook.com/butch.newman.5 Butch Newman

    Just simply Beautiful!!!!

  • Del Streetman

    Danielle is a classy young ladies, & if you pay attention to her show is a practicing Catholic lady & presents herself as a person with fine southern morals. Just because she takes pride in her looks shouldn’t subject her to lewd idiotic speculation.Come on people this is the 21st Century, we left this sexism back in the’60s-’70s when we started allowing women in the pits. Keep up the good work Danielle, someone needs to keep those boys honest.