Speed Channel’s Kaitlyn Vincie

Speed Channel Reporter Kaitlyn Vincie

I’m sure I have Speed Channel on my Dish subscription … somewhere. Not sure where, though, since I’m not much of a car guy, or into speeding. I’m usually the slow guy who refuses to go any faster than 5 miles over the speed limit on the road because getting to that red light just a few seconds earlier isn’t on my list of priorities. That, of course, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the Speed Channel’s reporters, especially blonde lovelies like Kaitlyn Vincie.

Here’s more about Kaitlyn Vincie (via Facebook):

Kaitlyn Vincie is a motorsports reporter for SPEED Channel on NASCAR Race Hub and NASCAR Trackside. She was a former member of the 2012 SPEED Road Tour Team for the majority of the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. Before joining SPEED, she served as a NASCAR Home Track Pit-Reporter and television personality for the legendary Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia. Kaitlyn was the face of Langley Speedway TV for over two years and covered all the NASCAR sanctioned racing divisions at the speedway. She was also a video content reporter on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for SceneDaily.com during the 2011 season. Kaitlyn is a Communications Studies graduate from Christopher Newport University.

Pics also courtesy of her Facebook page. Thanks to ‘Jeff’ for sending her in.

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  • 12th Man

    Speed Channel is now Fox Sports 1.