Wisconsin FSN’s Trenni Kusnierek

Trenni Kusnierek

So who is Wisconsin FoxSportsNet reporter Trenni Kusnierek? I don’t know, but she seems to be very popular, as I got three emails from readers on the same day, all recommending the lovely Miss Kusnerik as a new addition to our site. And hey, three emails are three more than I usually get a month, so of course I’m adding her. That, and Miss Kusnerik is quite the dish.

There isn’t a Wikipedia entry, and FSN doesn’t seem to have a bio on her, but there was this article at Wisconsin’s The Capitol Times that fills us in a bit about her.

On her long-distance runs, Trenni Kusnierek had time to think about the direction her broadcasting career was taking. Maybe too much time, since she had just walked from one job — with Fox Sports Net in Pittsburgh — without another job in hand, or sight. “It was scary,” she admitted.

When Kusnierek returned to Milwaukee to be closer to family and friends, she had no idea that everything would fall into place and she would resurface as the in-game reporter on the FSN Wisconsin telecast of the Brewers. “I didn’t know the job would even be available,” she said.

What she did know was that she needed a timeout, a break from the routine. So, she took one. “I’ve been working since I was 15 years old — and I’ve been working in television since I was 19,” said Kusnierek, a graduate of Muskego High School and Marquette University. “The break was nice.”

During this interlude, she lived at home with her parents and did some freelance work for the Big Ten Network and the NFL Network, though it was inconsistent. That added to her anxiety whenever she was alone with her thoughts, or running.

Thanks Tim, Derek, and Ryan for hipping us to Trenni.

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    shes alright.